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Web Design and Development For A Great User Experience

Our web design and development services are focused on giving your end users the best user experience. A website is your most visible digital asset for quality lead conversion.

How can WEb Design Impact my leads?

Websites should be beautifully designed... to convert leads

Your website looks amazing. It’s following all the latest design trends, but no one is clicking on your call-to-actions. Is your website inviting them to click the call-to-action? How you inspire trust increases the chances of them completing a transaction.

SEO Services

need quality

expert web design to attract the right kind of leads

The quality of your website leads will affect the rate of conversion. If your web design doesn’t compensate for this, you may be entertaining the wrong leads on your website. Are they interested in making a purchase? Do they know and appreciate your brand?


A great web design may look gorgeous, but may not manage leads well. This is why we focus heavily on designs with an ROI. We believe in designs that retain the attention of your ideal customers, all while impacting the visitors with leisurely intent.

User Centric web design that converts more

Prioritising the user in user experience

Prioritising a user-centric design is crucial for great website navigation. Simply reducing clicks isn’t enough; you require a strategy that leverages a deep understanding of your audience’s needs and behaviours.


Analysing data and psychology helps to reduce the paralysis analysis that users face when they are presented with too many options. Give your users what they desire with a simplistic flow that delivers answers and solutions to their needs.

web design and SEO

Telling stories with your brand

You can tell a lot about a company’s brand from its website. Unfortunately, sometimes the brand story is completely missed or isn’t even told because of a poor web design. Companies trust our experts to showcase their brand online so the intended target audience will become captivated. It’s the least a website should do.

High Conversion WEB design

Your website is a digital asset that can be a revenue powerhouse if it closes deals. The fact is high conversion websites close deals.

A web design that reduce friction, builds trust quickly, effectively presents Call-To-Actions(CTA) and has an effective user flow will inspire more leads to take up your offer. 

"We were pleasantly Surprised"

We have wanted to upgrade our website for a while now and we have been in dialogue with several web developers. However, when we found out about Mocha Coders, we were pleasantly surprised with the level of professionalism of the team and the seamlessness of the process. Brian was very understanding and he took the time out to work with us on the vision that we had for our website. I would strongly recommend Mocha Coders to any person/organization that would want to upgrade their existing website or build a new one.

Johnathan Fletcher Chief Creative Officer, FIMS Creative Agency

client fimsja
Website Design for the Best User Experience

Why Choose Mocha Coders?

Welcome to a web design agency that’s more than just aesthetics.

  • We focus on driving your online sales
  • Our designs are crafted with originality
  • We have experts for the job
  • We have supporting SEO and copywriting services
  • We have been trusted by other businesses
  • We have a great track record

What to expect from our web DEVELOPMENT services

We have developed a framework to gain an understanding of your business goals and produce desirable results. During and after the website development, you can expect:

  • A website that gets more clicks on the Call to Action offers
  • More traffic and interest in your brand
  • High sales from the current web traffic engaging your website
  • A full document on changes made to your website
  • A personable approach to you and your staff
The development process is normally complex. However, Mocha’s team has found an effective to maintain simplicity without losing value. 

Our development team will optimise
your website for more conversions

We will help your business by transforming your website into a conversion machine.
Let's talk about how we can do that and more.