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Mocha Coders

Professional brands and websites for Law Firms

We are launching a pilot programme to help law firms convey their professionalism and trust worthiness by using accepted marketing practices along with a data driven approach to brand and web design.

Law Firms possess unique Problems

When it comes to branding and web design, we understand the problems law firms face. No two law firms are the same. They however do need a specific set of advantages to remain profitable and continue operations in their geographical and professional areas.

you have Limitations

Law firms possess a unique set of challenges

you have Concerns

You have legitimate concerns about web and branding services

You NeeD proper representation online

You capably represent your clientele. Are you being represented well?

Many law firm websites violate basic web design principles that reduces trust with potential clientele. In the world of web design and branding, trust is the most important factor to give attention. Great engagements and eventual sales are derived from a trust worthy online image. Our packages focuses on elements of your brand and website that build trust in your specific areas of practices. 

based on Research
for law practices

Numbers don't lie. Understanding them will produce desirable results

Our secret to creating success for our clients can be accredited to our niche specific research. We are able to gather data on markets and understand what works for the more effective companies and practices. This gives our success a degree of predictability. We do believe in luck but we practice being informed of the latest trends and long standing patterns in our field. 

Higher Conversions
generate more revenue

Law Firms need a steady cashflow to continue operations

With adjustments to your brand and website, you will notice growth in the number of requested services. Fulfilling these requests will produce more revenue. Investing in a high conversion website in the digital age can improve the predictability of your monthly or annual income. This gives your firm more flexibility to expand or maintain operations.

SEO Services

We are able to Produce great results

We understand you, possess the tools to solve your problems and are promising desirable results

Pilot programme packages

Starter package

3,000 USD (Discounted)

Growth package

6,000 USD (Discounted)

Discovery Time


Brian Findlay

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